Retro Video Game Night – 9th December 2016

Last Friday, 9th December 2016, I was lucky enough to attend my third Retro Video Game Night at The Centre For Computing History in Cambridge, UK. If you have not heard of the place I suggest you check them out on Twitter @computermuseum as they are definitely worth a visit. Even if you can’t make one of their events they have fantastic all year round interactive displays of consoles and computers. At these events additional items surface for you to relive your retro nostalgia. There is also a gaming competition for you to test your skills against fellow gamers. This retrogaming night was the Christmas Edition and did not disappoint! I met up with some like minded Twitter friends @retroshmuper and @SuperGoataku who introduced me to some fantastic consoles and games that I had not previously played. It also gave us the opportunity to discuss our collections and I definitely expanded my knowledge plus insight into this addictive hobby. To me that is the reason for going, not only to meet up with some great Twitter buddies and play with consoles that I have yet to collect, but for guidance from experienced collectors on the vast array of retro goodies outside of my current collection focus. Some of these I have written about below so I hope you enjoy reading the rest of this articles………..

One thing that stood out to me, as a regular visitor, were the new display sections that can only be described as impressive. These not only walk you through the history of video gaming but allow you to spend as much time as you like doing what we do best, playing games!! Play on your favourite consoles, not so favourite or ones you can only dream about having in your collection, especially if you have limited space like me! The example below is a taster of these new displays with this one taking you from the 1990, the Amstrad GX4000 to 2002, the Nintendo Gamecube. These displays can only be fully appreciate by visiting so make sure you do!

Before I get onto a few of my highlights around consoles and games the Atari Dig display and MegaProcessor must have separate mentions.

Atari Dig
All die hard retro gamers have heard of the excavation from the Alamogordo landfill site in New Mexico in April 2014 where a load of Atari goodies were unearthed including copies of the ill fated ET Atari 2600 game. They have some actually items from this dig on display, I will let the photos do the talking.

This arrived just in time for Christmas and was handed over to the museum on the 24th November 2016. The creator James Newman spent over £40,000 and 4 years creating this fantastic machine that has over 10,000 LED’s and well over 250,000 solder joints. He built it in his lounge as well! Visit for more details.

Competition Time
None other that Dr Mario using the all new Nintendo Classic Mini NES Console. I sadly didn’t enter but it was great to watch, for a little while as I needed to get on with my own gaming.

Gaming Highlights
Pac-Man Vs. on the Gamecube – what’s special about this? The four player function plus this set up was played via a projector = retro heaven!! The game was released in Japan November 27th 2003 and on PAL April 2nd 2004. You can play as either Pac-Man or the Ghosts. This game was designed by Shigeru Miyamoto exclusively for Namco and the Nintendo Gamecube. It is normally played with a Game Boy Advance as the second screen but at this event there was a second Gamecube and TV in the set up. Great fun taking turns in controlling the ghosts as well as Pac-Man. I believe @SuperGoataku did the best out of the 3 of us. I will be looking out for this game as I have all the hardware for the set up. Watch this space, interactive gaming with the kids taken to a new (old) level!

FM Towns Marty with Raiden. This is a 5th generation console released February 20th 1993 by Fujitsu exclusively for the Japanese market. It was also the first 32-bit home console. Looks like I will be hunting this one out as well. The game of choice on the night was Raiden, a scrolling shooter arcade game developed in 1990. I had a brief introduction to the game on the night and boy was it hard, more practice needed!

SuperGrafx with Aldynes. Lastly one that was already on my ‘Wishlist’ SuperGrafx. This is a PC engine manufactured by NEC Home Electronics and released exclusively in Japan on 8th December 1989. It’s a great machine and I am pleased to have experienced it on the night with Aldynes: The Mission Code for Rage Crisis. Again another game I have not previously had the pleasure of playing but it makes me realise why I come out of my retrogaming comfort zone to try games I have never played before. This is a horizontal scrolling shoot’em up game developed by Produce and released on February 22nd 1991 exclusively in Japan for the SuperGrafx. It was later released on the PlayStation Network on February 16th 2011. If I ever manage to buy a SuperGrafx I will definitely look out for this game, practice makes perfect!

Trust you have enjoy the brief round up of my highlights. There are many more for me to explore and interact with when I next visit and I will be sure to share them on this blog. How great is it for me to have this place only 25 miles away! Please feel free to comment plus let me know about any games you have tried on the FM Towns Marty and SuperGrafx.


Neil @RetroGamersClub

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  1. Pixel_Girl_

    Loved the pacman 4player and the other consoles that are available to try I am going to check this out next year for sure. it sounds like you had a great time. Also I love the photos

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