Raiding mum’s attic!!

How great is it to come across items that are boxed away in the attic!

Just recently I had the opportunity to help my mum sort through some boxes in her attic and came across a bundle of Retrogaming items that I did not know she had. Being the second oldest of six and with the family living overseas for years I am guessing these were what my younger brothers played on. Now they are safe in my collection.

Whilst I already have a Master System in my collection it is not boxed, plus a boxed Atari 7800 is definitely a great addition as well. Not sure why there are duplicate 7800 games however it means that five are unopen and still in the original cellophane. The Mega Drive is clearly an Asian clone which it probably understandable with the family having lived in Singapore. Still a nice collection addition and one worth showing.

Which game to place first? Over to you…….

Neil @RetroGamersClub

4 Replies to “Raiding mum’s attic!!”

  1. Marc Gisby

    Nice collection! I’ve never played any Atari game whether 2600/5200/7800 so if that was mine I would definitely play on that first!!!

    • RetroGamersClub

      I’ve had a 2600 for years so played that a bit. Will try the 7800 this weekend and post some comments.

      Neil @RetroGamersClub

  2. Grant

    That’s a gem of a find. Nice one. I’d start with the oldest and work through the years taking time to see and play through how the video games industry developed

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